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Twister Green Pad - 211759

20cm twister green pad (shine & maintenance) pack of 2

  • £42.84

Twister Yellow Pad - 211760

20cm twister yellow pad (shine creating) pack of 2

  • £42.84

Twister white pad - 211763

20cm twister white pad (refurbishing) pack of 2

  • £42.84

Black Fibre Pad - MS0001

20cm black fibre stripping pad for stripping floors. Box of 5.

  • £10.20

Green Fibre Pad - MS0002

20cm green fibre scrubbing pad for scrub cleaning. Box of 5.

  • £10.20

Red Fibre Pad - MS0003

20cm red fibre spray cleaning pad for buffing and cleaning. Box of 5.

  • £10.20

White fibre dry buffing pad

20cm white fibre dry buffing pad. Box of 5.

  • £10.20

Microfibre Pad - MS0005

22cm microfibre pad to remove dirt, dust, oil and grease from virtually any surface including hard and carpeted surfaces.

Cleans with just water, no chemicals required, cleans and polishes wet or dry.

  • £9.72

12v Battery Post Adapter - MS1020

Battery post addapter, run from 12v DC battery.

  • £18.15

12V Cigarette Adapter - MS1022

Cigarette light adapter used for all vehicles with 12 volt DC electrical systems.

  • £19.25

25FT Extension Cable Plugs Onto Battery

25ft cord for use with three different adapters, MS1020 battery post adapter, MS1022 cigarette lighter adapter and MS3009 5ft coiled cord.

  • £23.27

Sponge Disc - MS1030

Sponge disc ideal for cleaning very sensitive surfaces.

  • £16.03

Delicate Surface Cleaning Brush - MS1038

Light duty brush suitable for delicate surfaces, carpet, marble and wood.

Also suitable for light scrub bathroom floors, walls and stainless partitions

  • £27.08

Agressive Duty Brush - MS1039-P

Aggressive Duty Brush for floors, walls, steps and landings, restroom showers and kitchen floors

  • £36.97

Agressive Duty Brush With Splashguard

Aggressive duty brush with splashguard. Splashgurad ring helps reduce spray during use.

Cleans floors, walls steps and landings, restroom showers and kitchen floors.

  • £38.60

Tile And Grout Brush - MS1039-TG

New Tile and grout brush.

8 cluster grit brush designed for tile and grout cleaning, for those extra tough cleaning jobs.

  • £56.80

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