The E-Spray is a professional gun sprayer that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces.
The E-Spray is lightweight and very comfortable, powered by a lithium battery that allows the user to carry out hygienization for several hours, freely and anywhere, without the need of a cable.
Through the electrostatic charge the drops are attracted by the targeted surface and while laying down, they create a sanitizing coating.

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Comac E-Spray Electrostatic

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  • £723.91

Comac E-Spray Backpack

An optional extra for the E-Spray sanitising gun. Comes with a 2-litre tank.
  • £183.27


This is a machine part used in the Comac E-Spray Electrostatic Sanitizer.

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This part can be seen in the below parts diagram, labelled part #26.

  • £9.46

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