Innova 85B

Item Code: 105382
Final Price: £5754.38
T Comac Spa
Model: Innova 85b
Product Categories Standard machines

Innova 85 B

The Innova 85B is perfect for maximum equipment and maximum cost saving for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 3500sq with automatic traction drive, 2 brushes and 85cm working width.

The Innova 85B has:

  1. - A very low acoustic pressure level, safe, productive and user-friendly.
  2. - Savings of up to 50%, thanks to Comac water and detergent dosing system solution.
  3. - Best manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces thanks to tight turning diameter.
  4. - More working autonomy, up to 35%, thanks to Start & Stop device equiped as standard.
  5. - Can be used up to 4Hrs non-stop

Another feature in the Innova 85B is the working program selector that allows you to choose from the selection of four pre-set working programs: once the most suitable program is selected, the operator has only to drive it, and Innova 85B does all the thinking.